Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to Vegas!!

Very excited to be here at the Narcolepsy Network Patient Conference for the very first time! 
Arrived in Vegas as the sun went down over the mountains. 
Spent a LOT of time trying to find the rooms where the conference will actually be held. 
Spoke to several concierge's. 
For anyone who needs to know - the conference Hospitality Room is on the 23rd floor. 
We were told to use the Select Elevators next to the Starbucks, take them to the 23rd floor and look for room 23034. 
The conference itself is located in the tower on floors 103 and 104.
Looking forward to some great sessions today - I have selected:
  • Keynote Speaker - Narcolepsy: The Basics with Dr Rogers
  • Creative Writing Workshop I
  • Support Group for People with Narcolepsy
  • Working While You Sleep
  • Sustained Energy + Weight Loss Through Nutrition
Will tell you how they go.

NOTE: Support Group did meet on Oct 1. Due to family emergency - webmaster and assistant were both absent from meeting. Will provide notes on meeting when available.

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