Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Meeting

Our June meeting was awesome and I hope those of you who attended enjoyed it as much as I did.

Not only did we get our toll free number back, but we may be close to getting a real conference phone so that people will be able to hear better. (Don't misunderstand, a conference phone is made available to us through the Sleep Center, but there are some difficult logistics involved in picking it up and dropping it off that have made it an option that we haven't utilized in a very long time. So we have been using a less than optimal "kitchen phone" [with speaker option] as it is fondly referred to, as our optional conference phone.)

We were joined by one of the doctors from the Sleep Center who answered many questions and cleared up a lot of things for some of the newer attendees. (And some of the more seasoned members as well).

Discussion was lively and varied. Many people stayed well beyond the 12:00 end time. Here are some highlights that came from the meeting:
  •  We may have visitors next month to help demonstrate some relaxation techniques that should help with coping. Watch for the meeting reminder to see if that is going to happen for sure.
  • We may be getting a real conference phone soon
  • The Narcolepsy Network Annual Conference is scheduled for October 18-20 in Atlanta, Ga. Registration should be ready to begin very soon. Watch for notices from the Narcolespy Network. We will also post them here as soon as we know about it.
  • If you think you can't go because of the money, the Narcolepsy Network offers scholarships. APPLY FOR ONE. They set aside a certain amount of money specifically to be used for scholarships and nothing else. Don't let it go to waste.
  •  Our Annual Picnic will be on September 8 and will take the place of our regular September meeting. We are currently planning to have it at Montrose Harbor. I just looked it up and it looks like an amazing place for a picnic. More on that as it gets closer.
  • We are starting now to plan next yesrs Suddenly Sleepy Saturday event (which we are also talking about having at Montrose Harbor). If you have ideas or would like to help plan, send information to
Lastly, a few words about our website. This website has been up and running for a little over 2 years now. In that time we have grown from being happy to have two people a day look at our website to where we now have close to 600 people each month who visit us!

What that means for YOU is that people are looking here. If you have a question, ask it. Write a comment with your question. Maybe someone will have an answer.

If I have learned anything in this journey called life, it is that you will never get an answer if you don't first ask a question.

Have a wonderful day, week, month! You will hear from us when we have something relatively important to say.

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