Monday, October 21, 2013

Atlanta Conference - 2013 - Summary

We arrived at the conference site around 5:00 on Friday - just in time to check in, get situated in my room, go through conference registration and get to the special focus group to discuss the journey to getting diagnosed with narcolepsy. The focus group was not open to all conference goers but to a group of members who had volunteered to be a part of the focus group and then had been selected from the group of volunteers.

After the focus group, my support team and I met up at the "Meet & Greet" where we connected with many other members of the MNSG as well as a few from our sister group in Kenosha. We also connected with several old friends from previous conferences.

Everyone was tired from their day of travel, so we left the party early (no ice cream for me on Friday) and went to bed with great anticipation for an exciting and informative conference to begin on Saturday.

To outline each session would take more energy than I can gather at the moment. Suffice it to say, the conference had a record breaking attendance of over 400 participants, the sessions were interesting, the member meeting was lively, and the extra activities seemed to satisfy the socialization needs of most people! 

There were a lot of sleepy, happy, people exchanging emails and other contact information with friends, both old and new as they left Atlanta, most already making plans to meet up again in 2014 in Denver!!

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