Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Holidays are Upon Us - December Meeting Thoughts

At the November meeting, it was suggested that we do an additional something "different" for the December meeting - to Celebrate the Season. The meeting will be December 6. (We would have a meeting as usual, this would be in addition to the meeting, after the participants on the phone have signed off) Some thoughts might be:
                    A cookie exchange
                    A group lunch after the meeting
                    A "Secret Santa" gift exchange after the meeting (bring a gift, leave with a gift with a price limit)
                    A combination of the above
                    Any other suggestions
Any input would be appreciated. A decision will be made at least a week prior to the meeting (hopefully) and plans will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

Let us know your thoughts.


netiya said...

A holiday gift exchange sounds lovely! I would definitely want to participate.

Midwest Narcolepsy Support Group said...

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately we did not get ourselves organized early enough to feel comfortable doing the gift exchange (announcement would have been very close to actual meeting and we did not feel it would give people adequate time to shop, etc.)

We are hoping to do the gift exchange next year.

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